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Daily Links 5/16

Herald   For Celtics, giant ‘Q’ remains    
Ray Allen’s play is offensive     
Doc Rivers puts focus on ending series      
Cavaliers feel right at home     
Cavaliers hanging loose in face of elimination     
Injured shoulder sidelines Cavaliers’ Daniel Gibson      
Chris Paul makes you want to watch NBA playoffs    
Billups works out for Pistons    
Points well taken        
LeBron James confident, but Cavaliers’ fans desperate   
Globe     Eager Celtics ready to take flight     
Sounding extension chord     
Gibson (shoulder) to miss 1-2 weeks 

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MetroWest Daily
   Can the C's close it out tonight?     
CelticsBlog    New record offers chance to praise deserving Piston       
Celtics Stuff Live post game show tonight      
LOY's Place   Celtics look to close out series on the road      
Here we go again         
Item Live   Celtics look to address road troubles tonight    
Sports Nut   Dispatch from the new Garden       
Indy Cornrows    Kevin Garnett working for Championship swagger    
Five Tool Tool    Celtics- Cavs:  Like watching digestion         
Section F Sports     Rondo to the rescue      
NBA Roundtable  Back up guards struggling      
The Sports Beat   Big second half saves season       
The Score   Hey Doc... Rondo's the right one      
Sports of Boston     Celtics four point play  Cavaliers loose sharp shooting Gibson for game 6     
Billups on track for East finals          
BostonSportZ    How can anyone be a LeBron fan after this?     
HoopsAddict    How to stop LeBron James on the break       
And One    Something's in the air             
SouthCoast Today     Rondo proves himself on big stage      
Red's Army   Finish them     
Connecticut Post    Jonny Rondo W-I-P   
Hardwood Paroxysm  Danny Ainge wins award for being the luckiest GM in the league   
Word Acre   Where have you gone David Thirdkill?   
Fox Sports   Danny Ainge Exec of the Year... Are you kidding?      
BSO   Memo to Doc Rivers      
Plain Dealer   Where there's smoke, there's not always ire      
Determined Cavs  stressing the positive for Game 6      
Thoughts on Game 5:  This one's on Mike Brown    
Offense has big blind spot:  What happened to Z?    
ESPN   Barkley faces felony if he doesn't play back $400K     
Boston Blood Sox   5 Reasons the Celtics must win tonight     
Bleacher Report   Celtics' Garnett bursts into flames following Game 5 win 
NBA Roundtable   Should Eddie House play?        
In The Pines   A neophyte's theory on why the Celtics are inconsistent in the playoffs    
Courtside View   On the road again in search of game 6 closeout    
Parquet Pride   Rondo puts the swagger back in the Celtics            
Metro    C's head back to Cleveland looking to break road hex   
Return to basics              
Worcester Telegram   Celts look to finish Cavs    
Hoopsworld    James,  Cavs look to survive elimination in game 6      
Boston Daily     In praise of Paul Pierce   
Bloomberg     Boston Celtics giant falls short of great      
The Gazette   Celtics crave elusive road victory   

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