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Game 6 Thoughts

First Half Notes:

  • Ugly, ugly, ugly right from the start.
  • Turnovers, lots of chippy fouls, and missed open looks.
  • Worst of all the Cavs kept picking up offensive rebounds.
  • Eddie House contributed immediately with two quick hoops and a nice assist.
  • Even with all the turnovers and ugly shots, I still feel like the Celtics were just a few buckets away from hitting their stride.
  • Unfortunately it turned out that was the case for the Cavs instead.  A 17-2 run put them up 9 at the half.
  • All we need is to keep up the defense, crash the boards, and hit a few more shots and we'll go on our own run.

Second Half Notes:

  • A roller coaster game.  Up, down, up, down...
  • LeBron showed up to play today.
  • Rondo didn't.
  • Garnett did though.
  • We have Pierce, KG, and Ray, and we're going to Big Baby in the 4th?  I don't get it.
  • Refs missed two big calls down the stretch: the charging call on Pierce and the uncalled goaltend.


Why can't we win a road game???

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