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Kill-a-Rumor: "Melo to Swamp"

Let's do a quick rumor debunking today.

Recently published reports had Melo Anthony possibly headed to New Jersey.

Now, it's not quite as possible.  As reported by Aaron J. Lopez of the Rocky Mountain News:

As for Anthony, a report out of New Jersey said the Nets and Nuggets had "exploratory" trade talks involving the two-time All-Star forward and teammate Marcus Camby.

Given Nets general manager Kike Vandeweghe's ties to the Nuggets, the rumor seemed natural, though without much foundation.

Vandeweghe and Nuggets vice president of basketball operations Mark Warkentien declined to comment, but a prospective deal does not seem to make much sense for the Nuggets.

No kidding.

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In fact, it doesn't make much sense for anyone.

Anthony has yet to show the maturity that he to indicate that he is definitely capable of being the centerpiece of a winner.  While he would be a nice pick-up for the Nets, the Jersey boys would have to be wary of giving up too much for him.

Speaking of which, never mind that issue for New Jersey.  The Nets don't even have the beginnings of the assets required to make a legitimate offer for a player of Anthony's caliber, personal problems notwithstanding.  Hard to see the Nuggets being able to find enough from the Nets to give up Anthony alone, much less Camby as well.

Without some other major moves going down on both sides first, it's nearly impossible to see this one coming to fruition. 

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