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Daily Links 5/18

Herald   Celts in search of Ray of brightness     
Hosts getting their House in order    
Today defines these Celtics      
Club not Green with Game 7’s    
For Cavs' West, this is a home game      
Lakers sit and wait     
Globe    Celtics have been going long      
Going by the process of elimination     
Allen is quiet on, off court       
Cavaliers are staying single-minded   

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MetroWest Daily     Celtics ready for another Game 7     
On the verge of goodbye          
CelticsBlog   Confusion with coaching fits   
CelticsStuff Live tonight 7-9 ET 
LOY's Place   Another series, another game 7     
Celtics 17    More NBA shenanigans in Cavs series   
ESPN   Scouts Inc update:  Cavs vs Celtics Game 7    
Celtics success traced, in part, to the fortunes of a blind son   
Hoopsworld     Jesus Shuttlesworth, attack the basket  
Celtics, Cavs battle for Eastern Conference finals berth       
Connecticut Post   The thoughts of CelticsStuff Live before game 7      
Enterprise    Allen starts scoreless, still struggling      
Monroe News    Mind game is the  key for Pistons    
Plain Dealer     What they're saying about Sunday's game 7      
History aside, Cavs have reason to believe     
Defense doesn't thrill but could lead to Cavs triumph      
Poise, performance can win game 7       
Close call against Celtics settles issue for Cavs     
NBA Source    Why Celtics must win      
Detroit Free Press   All eyes on Beantown      
Pistons fans should root for the Celtics in game 7    
Eagle Tribune   Thibodeau outworked everyone      
Secretary of Defense     
Bleacher Report     Keys to a Cavs' victory on the road       
Note to Cavs: Watch out for Kevin Garnett in game 7      
Beacon Journal   Five deep thoughts on Cavs   Win or go home for Cavs, Celtics      
Empty the Bench   Last stand for the Celtics and Cavaliers     
ProJo   All pressure is on the Celtics     
In playoffs or regular season, Celts are the same team  
Rivers shows frustration with Cavs' parade to the foul line   
News Herald   Other than Celtics on their uniforms Cavs don't feel an aura about this Boston group    
MLive   For Cavs or Celtics, changes will be justified      
Our Endless Season   Another game 7, what do you know?   
Main St. USA     Celtics got robbed         
Newsday  Homecourt a real advantage in the NBA playoffs   
Southeastern Sports Blog   Celtics-Cavs pregame 7 thoughts   
X's and O's of Basketball   Celtics pack style defense on LeBron        
Inhistoric    Lakers are now the team to beat    
Boston Bachelor   Top 5 reasons  the Celtics aren't winning on the road in the playoffs   
Worcester Telegram   Celtics look to finish Cavs                
San Francisco Chronicle    The road to a championship      
NBC Sports     Back at home, Celtics have no worries     
Norwich Bulletin   Boston prepares for another game 7       
NY Times   Celtics are home, but not necessarily home free    
LA Times   Cavs, LeBron draw betting action for game 7       
The East turns into a slugfest       
BostonSportZ    Cavs coach trashes Celtics mystique      
Washington Post    For Celtics, home is where their heart is     
SouthCoast Today    It's all on the line in Game 7, the free throw line      
Courtside View   Saturday practice update:  A further House inspection    
Patriot Ledger    A road to ruin for the Celtics?       
Dime    Getting ready for game 7 

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