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1st Half Thoughts

Celtics Lead 50 to 40 at the break

  • This is try number 2 at this as the first one somehow got lost.  Trust me though, the original recap was breathtaking. 
  • The Celtics came out with great intensity in the first quarter but couldn't maintain it through the quarter.
  • Our Captain is in the building.  Pierce put up a frothy 26 points in the first half. 
  • Kevin Garnett.  Defensive Player of the Year.  In one possession stoned Lebron and then stripped Blue Steel. 
  • Eddie House earned 1 billion Tommy Points.  The Real Shot Maker.
  • I've figured out why Lebron is so good. Article 6.54 of the NBA rule book: "Any player named Lebron is allowed four steps on any drive to the hoop.  Such named player is also allowed to throw the opposition out of bounds after they out hustle you down the court to make a layup.  Further the call of palming or carry shall not apply to this player."   I kinda hate Lebron.

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