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Even Bigger Bummer for Bynum

It was bad enough for Andrew Bynum that he was running way behind his timetable for return after injuring his knee in mid-January.

Now, bad has become worse for the Lakers' center.

As reported by ESPN:

More than four months after Andrew Bynum injured his left knee, it's been decided the Los Angeles Lakers center will undergo arthroscopic surgery.

The Lakers made the announcement Sunday, saying Dr. David Altchek will perform the procedure in New York on Wednesday -- the same day Bynum's team entertains San Antonio or New Orleans to begin the Western Conference finals.

An estimated timetable for Bynum's return will be provided following the surgery.

Not cool at all.


Laker or otherwise, Bynum is one of his team's and the league's most promising young players.  This is a guy with quite a bright future who was also looking forward to some extended playoff experience this spring.  At this point, it's certainly looking like he'll have to wait until next year to get that shot.

Best wishes for a speedy recovery, Andy. 

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