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Pistons Series Schedule

In case you missed it, here's the schedule:

  1. Tuesday, May 20 @ Boston, 8:30pm, ESPN
  2. Thursday, May 22 @ Boston, 8:30pm, ESPN
  3. Saturday, May 24 at the Palace, 8:30pm, ABC
  4. Monday, May 26 at the Palace, 8:30pm, ESPN
  5. (if needed) Wednesday, May 28 @ Boston, 8:30pm, ESPN
  6. (if needed) Friday, May 30 at the Palace, 8:30pm, ESPN
  7. (if needed) Sunday, June 1 @ Boston, 8:30pm, ESPN
You can find some Piston fans' reactions at the excellent Detroit Bad Boys blog, run by Matt Watson (one of the real good guys in the NBA blog universe).


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