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Gorman: The Focus Changes

Mike Gorman on Wicked Good Sports:

After the better part of two weeks focusing on one man - Lebron - the Celtics now shift their defensive thoughts to the multi-pronged attack of the Pistons. Chauncey - Rip-  Rasheed - Tayshaun - all average between 14-21 ppg. The backcourt of Billups and Hamilton is the best duo still alive in the playoffs. When you think of the Celtics-Pistons you think DEFENSE. However my guess is that there will be more points scored in this series than one may think. The Pistons did not look like their old defensive selves against the Magic. The Celtics are in the midst of a long stretch of playing pressure packed playoff games every other day. No matter how hard the coaches try, in stretches like this it is the defense that ultimately rests. That’s not to say possessions won’t be hotly contested, it’s just that where in the Cavs series games were played in the 70’s and 80’s, this time around I think you will see games in the 90’s and maybe even the 100’s. Prediction : Celtics in 7 (why buck the trend)

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