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Daily Links 5/2

Herald    Schizo Celtics must focus     
Celtics bring their ‘A’ game     
Doc Rivers seeks out The Truth     
Celtics’ bench marks     
Hawks back home, but is there any hope of an upset?   
Pistons crush 76ers in Game 6 to reach second round   
Dennis Rodman arrested for alleged domestic violence    
Globe   Having a sixth sense       
Celtics have carry-on baggage     
MetroWest Daily    Courtside View: Can C's respond to road challenge?  
CelticsBlog  Intrigued by nomad Larry's latest endeavor          
Have they flipped the switch?      
CelticsStuff Live tonight post game with Jeff Hickman    
LOY's Place   Did we watch the same game?    
Random thoughts 5/2    
Celtics 17   Winning Game 6 in Atlanta          
Hoopsworld   Horford was snubbed  
Postseason power rankings - Celtics #7      
Full Court Press    Rajon Rondo's floor burn to foul shot ratio and other random musings   
Poisonous Paragraphs    Blood sweat and tears          
ItemLive   Celtics have a chance for redemption on the road     
Lowell Sun   Words of wisdom for the Celtics      
Patriot Ledger    Hawks fans blaming coach Mike Woodson     
Sam Cassell isn't helping the Celtics much   
With Malice    Sun blinded   Sports museum of America        
ESPN   Scouting Hawks-Celtics game 6     
Bleacher Report   Playoff predictions:  A Lakers - Celtics final?     
Journal Constitution    Hawks an odd crew      
Hawks last playoff trip against Celtics still haunts Rivers    
Hawks last stand      
Can the Hawks win game 6?   
City embraces Cinderella Hawks             
Sportlingo    Rules are rules - unless you're the Boston Celtics     
NECN    Sam Cassell:  I love playoff basketball      
BSMW    Celtics continue upward trend of viewers for CSN    
Yardbarker   Back in the A:  Rondo's blog    
Green Bandwagon   The Sam Cassell quandry      
SouthCoast Today   C's still hold advantage     
Worcester Telegram    C's try to deep six the Hawks      
ProJo   Young Hawks will probably force Celts to prove mastery in game 6     
Connecticut Post    Coach Woodson keeps his vow - has he earned a new contract?      
Red's Army    Follow Detroit's lead 
Enterprise     Celtics go for a road kill 

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