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I’m once again stunned.  How did this happen?  Lets start with the fourth quarter.

By double teaming Joe Johnson every time down the floor, he was able to set up all his teammates for open looks all game long.  That led to a huge run in the fourth that put Boston on its heals and gave the Hawks the lead.  The foul call on Pierce was horrible, but even worse was him losing his cool to give them another technical free throw.

What was Ray Allen thinking taking that 3 that quickly?  From Doc’s reaction, that wasn’t the play that he called up.  Still, Doc can’t escape blame for not putting them in position to make the right play.  Not to mention the very last play where there was a complete lack of plan, execution, or awareness.

All game long the Hawks shot blockers were in the Celtics' heads as they blew layup after layup.  Rondo in particular looked lost and frustrated for much of the game.

Terrible, terrible loss.  A lot of credit goes to the Hawks for winning this game, but the Celtics lost it too.

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