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NBA Draft Lottery

About a year and two months ago I exchanged e-mails with the lead writer of Bright Side of the Sun. The Celtics had just gone 7-8 in April and that was a good showing for them. That in and of itself says more than enough. However, on top of that tanking and draft talk were all the rage. Anyways he sent me the following:

"We were in the position you are in now just 3 years ago.  I was able to go and get a seat at center court, nine rows up from the floor for $25 because there were an influx of tickets and the scalpers just wanted to get rid of them.  And I was able to spread out because there weren't any people next to me for three seats on either side.

Now I want to take my son to a game and can't get any tickets for less than $35 a seat - even the nosebleeds where you are touching the back wall of the arena.  It just takes one good signing or a good draft.

I laughed and then returned my focus to the approaching NBA Draft Lottery. It was a really big deal. Fast forward to this year and I did not even realize it is tonight until roughly 20 minutes ago. How great is that? Just something to keep in mind as the Celtics play in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals.

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