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Draft Lottery - Who Ya Got?

Taking a quick break from the excitement of the playoffs, it is worth noting that the NBA Draft Lottery is tonight.  Think back to the lowest of lows that we felt on this night a year ago.  Now think about the feeling you had at the end of Game 7.  Wow.

So, who do you think will win the big prize tonight?  Will it be the Heat, who dumped Shaq and his contract on the Suns?  Will it be the Sonics who emptied the shelves, grabbed a future star, and promptly hosed the city of Seattle?  Will it be the Grizzlies and our old friend Chris Wallace who gave the Lakers their final piece of the puzzle?  Or will it be the Knicks, thus prompting another round of conspiracy theories?

Count me as one who is rooting for the Timberwolves.  Partly as some kind of cosmic thank-you to McHale for the Garnett trade.  Partly to give our old friend Al Jefferson someone to play with.  And partly just because the good TWolves fans deserve some good news.  Best of luck to them.

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