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Don't Sleep

The Celtics were on last night and the Pistons were not.  But if you think for one second, one nanosecond that the Pistons are not capable of striking back, think again. 

Billups didn't look like his normal self in the first game.  He's obviously still held back by the hammy and couldn't get the burst of speed necessary to get to the spots he normally would.  But he could be healthy and finding seems in no time.  Even if he isn't 100%, he's your prototypical "crafty" veteran who will find ways to help his team win games.  He even pulled out the Reggie Miller Leg Kick to draw a foul.  Expect more of that.

Sheed's shot was cold for most of the game, but he's easily capable of heating up.  I don't have to tell you how fast Rip can get it going.  The bench was relatively quiet, but Stucky or Maxiell could pop off at any moment.  They already got strong performances by Prince and McDysess.

Our defense was up to the task last night.  We bothered them and attacked the passing lanes and forced them into bad looks at the basket.  But still, in the first half they were still right there.  For moments in the 4th quarter, it looked like they might make a run.

Expect them to make adjustments for game two.  Expect their defense to shift into making Paul Pierce uncomfortable with the ball in his hands.  Expect their defense to step up all around.

Like it or not, the Pistons are never going to panic.  They are never going to back down.  They are down one game, and that's nothing to them.  If they steal game 2, all the pressure shifts to the Celtics who then have to prove that they can win on the road.  Don't sleep on this team.  Not one wink.

Note: Notice the complete lack of surprise or concern from the Pistons fans.  They've been through this before.

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