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10 ECF Things

1) Good Start

It was a fine win in game one.  But only Celtics fans with serious short term memory loss will find the victory excessively gloat-worthy.

We've been here before against the Hawks and Cavs and the Pistons are better than either of those teams.  Though there was a lot to love about Game 1, it was only 1 Game.

2)  Chauncey

There are some encouraging signs though.  The first and biggest is, whether due to rust or the leg strain Chauncey was off.  Shockingly Detroit looked great against Orlando without Mr. Billups.  Stuckey filled in admirably and the Pistons rolled.

The Celtics are not Orlando.  They are much better defensively and Stuckey (though he is very talented) is a bit young to handle lead guard under that sort of  pressure.

At the beginning of the game when Flip put Rip on Rondo you knew something was not right.  If Chauncey remains hampered, Detroit is in for some pain.  Rondo's speed becomes devastating if you're limping.

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3) Comcast

Hats off to the TV guys at Comcast New England.  Their coverage has been nothing short of magnificent.  Only a few years ago they used to spend Celtic halftimes talking about the Red Sox and Patriots.  Now their pre and postgame shows are wall to wall interviews, press conferences, and insight.  Excellent job.  I can't compliment them enough. 

(By the way I always get a kick out of hearing CelticBlog's Justin Poulin ask a postgame question to Doc, Pierce or Garnett.  That's so cool.)

4)  No Freakin' Freaks

The Cavs are not as good as Detroit but Cleveland does have something the Pistons lack: impossible individual match ups.  No matter who you have on your squad, LeBron is an enormous problem and Zydrunas Ilgauskas is just too tall.  Detroit clobbers their opponents with poise, precision and a starting five with stingers at every position.  They lack impossible people though.

5)  Click Your Heels Judy Garland

"There's no place like home."  9-0 now.  0-6 on the road.  This oddity ends soon (I think).  In Game 1 Boston played like the regular season Celtics for the first time in weeks.  With Eddie House in the rotation instead of Sam Cassell the team that had the best road record during the first 82 might just be back.

Let's hope so.  No doubt many of us can't keep doing these locked-up Game 5's and 7's without health risks.

6)  Sometimes teams win

The internet can be a disturbingly negative place can't it?  In many darkened sectors of the virtual world no one ever actually WINS a game.  Every loss happens because someone did something wrong.  I mean, if everyone plays well and both coaches are brilliant, someone is still going to lose.

7)  Along Those Lines

Doc is not alternately brilliant and dumb.  He's coaching the same way every game.  Sometimes he finds a guy isn't producing and switches to another option.  That's the nature of a club with such a deep bench.

8)  SA/LA

The West finals are something too.  The Duncan swipers vs. the pernicious forces of the netherworld.  I know many want a Boston/LA finals.  Not me.   I want a Boston/Anybody final, but would prefer San Antonio.  I just feel unclean watching the Lakers.  Plus capturing the holy grail of the 17th banner against Duncan just seems like it was meant to be.

9)  How 'Bout Them Bulls?

Wasn't it great not caring about the lottery?  After recent years many of us never want to see another ping pong ball as long as we live. 

Funny how the conspiracy devotees had every scenario mapped out except Chicago. 

10)  Game 2

The Pistons are dangerous.  They bounced back twice against Philly, but the Sixers won their game with overwhelming intensity, which Detroit then matched.

It might be different this time.  The Celtics won the first contest on talent.  Detroit can raise their fervor but not their talent level.  The Garnett and Pierce match ups will continue to give them serious trouble (and maybe Rondo too).  If Ray Allen finds his stroke this series might just be over quickly. 

We can only hope.

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