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Odds & Ends Three Pointers

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Just some stuff that was covered elsewhere and I thought I'd share with you.

  • Plug Pulled On Pyrotechnics - That's a shame.  I really enjoy the fireworks display and I'm even fond of the hazy smoke that lingers for a while after.  With that said, when Ben Wallace is crumpled on the floor in part due to the smoke (something to do with an inner ear infection), I don't mind looking into better solutions.
  • Glen Davis Manicures - It takes a big man to admit that he loves manicures.  Or rather, a Big Baby.  Hey, whatever works.  If he grabs rebounds and makes the occasional bucket, he can wear a boa and dance on stage for all I care.  What's that?  He does that too?  Yep, he's a different kind of cat.
  • Mock Draft time - Chad has us taking Tomic.  Draft Express says Hardin. says Pekovic.  Yeah, I've never heard of any of them either.  Normally I'm a draft nut, but not so this year.  Wake me in a month and even then I'm tempted to just see who Danny picks and be happy with it.