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Home Streak Snapped

Ray Allen finally broke out of his shooting slump, but it wasn't enough to crawl back into this game.  The team defense really struggled tonight.  They gave the Pistons lots of open looks that they converted for 49% from the field and 50% from 3 point land.

Typical efficient effort from the Pistons.  Every time the Celtics made a run, they had an answer.  Gotta hand it to them, they are cold blooded killers.  Every mistake, they capitalize on.  We've seen it from them before.  This is who they are.  Still, the Celtics were right there.

So much for hoping that Chauncy Billups would still be off.  So much for sleeping on Rodney Stucky.  So much for that home winning streak.

Disappointing loss.  Now the pressure is on to win on the road.  Gotta take one of the next two in Detroit.

Updates: Listening to Doc after the game.  He has a point that fatigue could have caught up to the team tonight.  Game 1 was won on adrenaline and emotion but in time it has to catch up with you and you see that most of all in the defensive rotations.  The team was slow to react and the Pistons burned them for it.

Also, Doc hinted that we might see some Sam Cassell in the next game. 

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