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Daily Links 5/22

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Herald    Paul Pierce has long memory     
Doc Rivers lets actions speak   
Rajon Rondo knows Chauncey Billups battle far from over   
Kevin Garnett, Rasheed Wallace see eye-to-eye    
Ray Allen will keep shooting until something goes in    
Chauncey Billups plans aggressive approach   
Kobe, Lakers rally to stun Spurs    
Even in Boston, you can’t go home again     
Guards like Pistons’ Rodney Stuckey are invaluable     
Charles Barkley, Tim Donaghy issues need addressing     
Pistons’ offense and defense both need tweaking against Celtics     
Globe   Intense images       
For record, these four are best    
Beware the danger game    
Expect a better Billups    
Gomes maintains a rooting interest    
Today's activities      
Pistons tune up for game 2  

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MetroWest Daily   Celtics: Doc's cred on rise in postseason     
CelticsBlog   Celtics Stuff Live tonight pregame    
Odds and ends three pointers       
Late game rhythm for the MVP        
Appreciating Kevin Garnett     
LOY's Place   Random thoughts 5/22     
Celtics 17    Regarding Ray Allen:   some folks know better      
Hoopsworld   Pistons can't play horrible         
Power rankings - Celtics #4     
Worcester Telegram   Celtics so far outing Detroit     
Perkisabeast   About last night, the no fireworks edition    
Eagle Tribune   Has Doc healed Celts wounds?     
Odd Jack   Can the Pistons win game 2 and beat the Celtics?     
Runnin' the Point   PG look:  Detroit - Boston      
Detroit Bad Boys   Doc or Flip?      
Glen Davis has soft hands (and bad timing)     
Hartford Courant    Allen continues to struggle in the playoffs        
Detroit Free Press   Pistons planning on keeping Pierce out of the paint for game 2    
Boston fans scrutinize him, but Doc Rivers answers with victories    
Billups reports no injury setback, hopes to be more aggressive tonight   
Glen Big Baby Davis wears nail polish?       
Pierce on KG and Rasheed Wallace     
On Sheed getting dominated by Kevin Garnett     
Connecticut Post   Come together right now over Ray       
Patriot Ledger   Celtics being patient with Ray Allen's shooting slump  
NY Times    Celtics still counting on Allen to score        
Lawyer and NBA are trading insults       
Human Victory Cigar   Transcripts of press conferences of various players    
Parquet Pride   I could watch the Celtics intro all day      
Red hot Paul Pierce playing at superstar level   
MLive  Detroit disappointed in defensive effort vs Celtics  
Pistons success starts with their guards   
Pistons leave McDyess open against Celtics          Allen will keep shooting until something goes in   
The Fein Line   Another good start for the Celtics      
CBS Sports   Dogs and cats living together ... And I like these Celtics   
Stabbone and McGraw   10 reasons the Cavs aren't still playing  
NECN   Rondo:  We want to stick to our game plan        
Eddie House:  We're in store for another good game    
Full Court Press   The curse and the cure on Ray Allen       
Sports of Boston   Celtics four point play              
HoopsAddict    He had game        
Busted Play  The Boston Celtics bad on the road, indestructable at home      
Red's Army    Pierce's preparation     
Poisonous Paragraphs     Jungle warfare       
Market Watch   Prospect of Lakers-Celtics final has ABC and NBA drooling  
Sons of Bill Simmons    Has Jesus become Judas?       
LeBasketbawl  10 ways to get Ray Allen back on track   NBA insiders challenge Donaghy's arguments   
USA Today   Bill Russell tops Celtics' list of legends      
Courtside View   Wednesday practice update:  staying on guard   
Green Bandwagon    They are what we say they are?  Players and their reputations   
Parquet Wishes   Off to a good start           
Wicked Good Sports   The heart of a champion      
Metro   Experience has made them rich       
ProJo  Celtics expect a different Pistons team in Game Two   

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