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Into the Lion's Den

I’m not sure if you’ve heard or not but the Celtics have not won a road game since the New York Knicks decided to feed Boston’s fans way back on April 14th. That’s a long time. Any guesses on how many times Michael Wilbon, Jon Barry and Stuart Scott mention this in the pre-game show? Let’s be conservative and put the over/under at 15. Of course the big issue is that the Palace of Auburn Hills is one of the most obnoxious places in the NBA to play. I’m not trying to start a blog war. Nor am I implying that Boston is the mecca of sportsmanship. That’s not the point. And to strengthen my argument I’d like to bring forward two pieces of evidence. 

1. I know Ron Artest, Stephen Jackson and, even though he somehow received a minimal amount of blame, Ben Wallace were all prominently involved. And you could make the argument that the Artest/Jackson duo could have taken the show on the road anywhere. Yes even Utah. But the fact remains that this happened in Detroit.

2. When you talk about (hat tip Mark Jackson) the Palace of Auburn Hills you eventually have to talk about John Mason. As a fan of the Celtics I don’t like his patented DEEE-TROIT BASKETBALL! Yet I respect it as much as the Tennessee band playing Rocky Top Tennessee, Kansas' Rock Chalk Jayhawk, or any other chant/song/tradition that is observed by a group of fans of a team I don’t support. I’d argue that DEEE-TROIT BASKETBALL! makes more sense when it is used to signify the hometown team’s style of play rather than the Pistons obtaining possession. However, I’m willing to give that one to Mason and Pistons fans. I even respect the work whistle, although it would be cooler if the blue-collar fans could afford to go to games. Or better yet if they actually had jobs. However, I'm confused by the way Mason says Rasheed Wallace and Chauncey Billups. Should we reward people for working in a stutter? I’m downright glad that I don’t hear Rajon R-R-Rondo at home games.

Of course the bigger issue here is that the Pistons went 34-7 at home in the regular season and are 5-1 at the Palace in the playoffs so far. It’s imperative that Boston at the very least splits. And hopefully the Celtics will get the monkey off their backs tonight.

Hat tip to Ball Don’t Lie for the Pistons Audio Page.

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