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Knicks Looking To Go Golden?

It could be bad news for Knicks haters.

It could be worse news for Knicks haters who really enjoy watching the Warriors play.

As reported by Newsday's Alan Hahn:

There is little doubt that the Knicks will shop for a point guard this summer, but at least one has come shopping for them. According to a person with knowledge of the situation, the Warriors' Baron Davis has made inquiries into the interest of certain teams around the league, including the Knicks.

Davis, 29, has an opt-out clause for this summer that could make him a free agent, but the Warriors don't believe he would walk away from the final year and $17.8 million, which is money the dynamic but oft-injured guard likely wouldn't make on the open market. So Davis' only other play is to see if another team would pursue a sign-and-trade for him.

According to the source, his representation, after a preliminary discussion with the Warriors, has put out feelers to gauge the interest of teams in need of an upgrade at point guard.

[Monta] Ellis, 22, also might look to explore other options when the July free-agency period begins. A league source told Newsday that the athletic combo guard, who has flourished in Don Nelson's fast-break system, definitely has eyes for Mike D'Antoni's up-tempo style.

The cap-restricted Knicks, however, could give Ellis only an offer sheet at the mid-level exception. The Warriors could match it but wouldn't have much left to give Biedrins a raise above his $3.6-million qualifying offer and add seven more players. Or the Knicks could look to acquire Ellis in a sign-and-trade.

The questions are, of course: Is Walsh willing to use his mid-level exception when he's trying to get under the cap by 2010? What would the Warriors want in return?

For Knicks fans scarred by the cap debacles of the Layden and Thomas regimes, the financial stuff sounds iffy.  But it would be hard not to be excited about the prospect of either of these players coming to town.

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Davis and Ellis are both uptempo run-and-gun players who play and exciting brand of basketball.  Likable, hard-working guys.  Fellows who can fill it up, move the ball and work effectively with their teammates.  Both would make New York basketball much more watchable for long-suffering fans.

They are also fellows who don't play much defense either.  Sounds like a perfect fit for the Knicks and D'Antoni if Donnie Walsh can make it happen.

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