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Daily Links 5/24

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Herald   So much at stake     
Big problem on defensive end for Celtics vs. Pistons     
Rough road ahead    
Crucial play makes cut       
Globe    Road to redemption      
Cities share series of hoop moments      
Rodney getting respect      
Game 3 outcome rests totally on defense      
Rivers, Celtics hit the road  

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MetroWest Daily    Celtics being a bit too charitable      
CelticsBlog   End of half momentum rears its ugly head      
Celtics Stuff Live post game tonight     
Bad News, Good news    
LOY's Place    Random thoughts 5/24       
ESPN   Is this Kobe's best team?  How about Spurs, Pistons, Celtics?      
America should be pulling for Pistons-Spurs     
Full Court Press    Have the officials been short changing the Celtics?        
Hoopsworld    Celtics eye first postseason road win        
Decisions for 2004 draft class     
Detroit Free Press   Billups' basket exposes Celtics     
Jon Barry: On Detroit being in the driver's seat, Maxiell's lack of PT and more    
McDyess' quiet intensity helps motivate Pistons      
Pistons hope to extend Boston's playoff road skid      
Playing without their blanky playoff ticker      
NY Times   Celtics, insisting they're not bothered, take break    
MLive    Series shifts to Detroit, focus remains on Celtics       
South Coast Today    Road will reveal Celtics' true character      
C's take a step back      
Examiner    Celtics look to find home away from home       
Dime    One step closer to Lakers vs Pistons?     
Black Athlete   Celtics take a Ray of hope to Detroit     
Taunton Daily Gazette   Can the Celtics pull off another series?     
Norwich Bulletin   Can the Celtics finally win on the road?     
Muttroxia    Celtics        
Never Too Late   Pistons' last minute OB play, good offense or bad defense?   
Fox Sports   Celtics must get more aggressive      
Globe and Mail   Get ready for Lakers vs Pistons           
CBS Sports    Credit check shows Rivers, Saunders don't receive enough       
Bucks Diary    Boston's bench costs them game 2      
Swamigp's Weblog   Can the Celtics win on the road? They'll have to     
TrueHoop   Chauncey Billups got a layup       
JS Online   NBA ratings rebound     
Aaron's UK Basketball Blog   Prince and Rondo share more than just their Kentucky basketball roots.  
Courtside View   Travel talk: C’s to get back in the running for ECF Game 3      
Green Bandwagon    Into the Lion's Den     
CelticsNews   Ainge and staff preparing for draft process      
Leon Powe Fan Site   Doc Rivers doesn't like Leon  
Metro    Advantage Garnett             
Celtics aim to avoid Detroit breakdown       
Eagle Tribune    Pressure's on now      
Worcester Telegram    Palace coup?  Celtics' road woes     
ProJo    Pistons' fuel tank contains premium            
Celtics have shown a victory at the Palace can be done     Reasons why the Pistons can be champions         
Sheed and KG are mirror images but only to a point    
Lowell Sun     A slip up on the Parquet   
Item Live    Foiled at home, C's seek redemptionon the road  

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