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Road Weary No Longer

The only road-related statistic that matters right now: the Celtics have won 100% of their games in Detroit this season.  The team put the "can't win on the road / 0-for-6" concerns to bed for good tonight by crushing the Pistons on their home court.

It got a little sloppy toward the end, but for the most part, unbelievable effort from the team tonight.  Big props to KG (who has more good playoff games than any "non-clutch" player I've ever seen), Pierce, Posey, and the rest of the bench.    Special recognition, though, goes to Kendrick Perkins.  We needed somebody to step up on the road, and Perk came through in a big way.

It was a great win tonight, and home court advantage is ours once again.  Whatever momentum Detroit had coming out of Game 2 is now gone, late run or not.  Hopefully, this is something we can build on in Game 4.

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