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Taking the D to Detroit

Whoosh, what a relief! 

The seconds seemed like minutes in the 4th, but overall the Celtics showed the type of team they can be when they put the clamps down on D.  They came out on a mission from the get-go and rattled off 11 straight before the Pistons were awake.  When Detroit predictably emerged from their early slumber the Celtics did not crumble like they have so often during their 0-6 road run prior to tonight.  The Celts went to the bench and got a big night, and a big dose of energy - with James Posey earning the star of the day from me.  When the Celtics energy level is at its highest it always seems James Posey is at the forefront, and after a lackluster few games from the ringbearing Posey, the man delivered in a big way. 

Boston ran the lead to 8 after one on consecutive 3's by Posey & Sam Cassell - who was shaky at first after a 4 game hiatus, but settled down nicely. 

By the end of the half the Celtics had the Detroit faithful booing, and the Pistons in disarray.  It was just a matter of hanging on from there and the Celtics did the job.

Big night from Perk, who was a monster on both ends.  The usual stuff from KG, and a passive, but efficient game from Pierce.

A giant sigh of relief from those who felt the Celts couldn't get it done on the road, and now we see a golden opportunity to take two and come home for a shot at a clincher.  A night of redemption for the Celtics who sure looked like the better team.  Defense won them 66 regular season games, and 31 on the road.  Now add one playoff roady to that record.  Bringing the D to Detroit brought home a W.

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