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Daily Links 5/25

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Herald   Celtics start loud, quiet crowd, silence Pistons in Detroit     
What’s up with Chauncey Billups?    
Biggest game of season brings best out of the Celtics     
Celtics on inside track to victory     
Lindsey Hunter, temporary Celtic, no fan of fast trade    
Seeing a golden future in Celtics Green      
Kendrick Perkins peaks in Motown    
Superb Rodney Stuckey spells subpar Chauncey Billups      
Globe    Palace coup       
Bench responds when called upon     
Perkins emphatically got his points across     
This performance was worth the wait     
Post game videos and analysis     
Starting five:  Boston 94, Pistons 80     
We now have a bad connection    
Truth is, US squad has no position for Pierce     
Role call for the games     
Final say   

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MetroWest Daily   Celtics 94, Pistons 80: Road winners  Celtics bigs control the paint in game 3      
Garnett burns Pistons in game 3 rout           
Playoff postups  live from courtside         
Post game presser     
CelticsBlog   Perk's finest and more from a monkey off back win      
Taking the D to Detroit     
LOY's Place    Comments from the other side - Pistons game 3      
Full Court Press   Boston defense dooms Detroit in game 3   Celtics finally win on the road, open 2-1 lead     
KG:  Haier play of the day     
ESPN   For one game, C's make road woes disappear       
Balanced Celtics stun Pistons for first playoff road win    
Celtics Pistons series page      
What the Celtics can learn from Road House   
Hoopsworld   Beware of Tayshaun Prince        
Red's Army     Do it again    
Paul Pierce is environmentally friendly       
Detroit Free Press   Inside the Rip - Ray Allen rivalry    
Celtics wanted it more but don't blame Flip Saunders       
Best quotes from game 3   
Perk most effective player for Boston in game 3   
C-sick:  How Celtics stormed the Palace, seized 2-1 lead in East finals    
Pistons cheer loudest for Tigers         
What's wrong with Chauncey Billups?       
Pistons Coach on star rookie Stuckey, Sheed's techs 
UK Wildcat Country   Rondo, Celtics win battle, war up for grabs      
ProJo   Postgame Celtics journal: The bench jump-started the victory        
At last Celtics find a winning road formula     
Away the Celtics finally get going       
Celtics window of opportunity:  How quickly will it close?   
Real dogfight developing between ex-UConn players      
Worcester Telegram  Baby got big in Detroit      
One for the road  Celtics finally get road victory      
Bleacher Report    Boston rediscovers winning on the road    
In Rajon Rondo we trust, but does he trust himself?      
Hoopsvibe   Pistons find out the hard way that Celtics can win on the road     
Eagle Tribune   Is Paul Pierce a Hall of Famer?       
Toledo Blade   Celtics turn to Cassell against Pistons pressure    
 Detroit News  Perk a pleasant surprise for Celtics     
Celtics dominate Pistons to take 2-1 series lead      
Pistons deliver one of biggest flops in their playoff history      
Billups won't make excuses for game 3 struggles      
CelticsNews     C's get the gorilla off their backs        
Fox Sports     Celtics intensity leads to Celtics first road playoff win     
CBS Sports   Boston's road warrior status is back in style    
Cape Cod Times  Celtics take Motown by storm      
Newsday  Grousbeck and Celtics' brass bringing back glory     
Parquet Pride    K-Perk stepped it up big time in game 3       
Sporting News   Celtics finally win on the road but concerns linger     
Enterprise   Celtics, Big Baby knew they could win in Motown      
MLive  Pistons have no answers for Boston in game 3     
Leon Powe Fan Site   Celtics put an end to road woes       
SouthCoast Today   Detroit shows they can  handle divided loyalties     
Connecticut Post      Road Win!!  Celtics retake lead 94-80      
Dime    Celtics finally get road win,  Pistons lose home court      

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