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Boston Celtics vs. Detroit Pistons: Game 4 - Quick Recap

I'm not going to blame Doc Rivers for this loss. Rajon Rondo was off, Paul Pierce and Ray Allen struggled from the field and it it were not for a ton of trips to the foul line (39) it would have been a blow out. However, tonight was tailor made for Leon Powe and Eddie House. The Celtics needed something to combat their listless play. And I really believe Powe and House would have helped. Also why did Rivers put Tony Allen in with House and Rondo to close out the half defensively, inadvertently negating a Rondo free throw in the process?

One more thing on Powe. He has great hands. I thought about that several times as P.J. Brown and Glen Davis struggled handling passes in the post. And if you want to know what Powe could bring to the table consider Jason Maxiell's contributions.

Once again I don't want to blame Rivers. Yet a couple of times I wondered if he had wagered on the game. That's about as low as it gets as a fan.

The Celtics offense alternated between over dribbling and over passing. It was difficult to watch.

Celtics fans, myself included, should admit that we would be furious if Detroit shot 39 free throws to Boston's 26. 

Critics of Kevin Garnett point to quarters like tonight's first and wonder why KG refuses to take over offensively. I'm not going down that path again. But it is puzzling.

Boston looked a bit like a team that was content to go home 2-2.

Antonio McDyess and Rip Hamilton are Detroit's top performers right now and it's not even close.

Just a frustrating loss all around. Boston really had an opportunity to look like a serious championship contender. Man it has been a long playoffs.

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