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Hinrich Suitors?

He is making $40 million between now and 2012, and he is coming off one of the worst seasons of his career, but fortunately for the Bulls, it appears that Kirk Hinrich is going to draw interest around the league this summer.

As reported by Mitch Lawrence of the New York Daily News:

To clear up his backcourt for Rose, a Chicago-area product, Paxson will find a new home for Kirk Hinrich, an attractive asset given his level of play over the past five seasons and reasonable contract. Hinrich's five-year, $47.5-million deal started this past season at $7.8 million, and ends in 2011-12, at $11.4.

The Knicks, Denver, the Clippers, Seattle, Phoenix and Orlando are expected to make a run at Hinrich.

As is noted in the excerpt above, the significance here is in regards to the Bulls' draft prospects.  If Hicag were to take Memphis point guard Derrick Rose with the first overall pick, it would just about necessitate the departure of Hinrich.

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While the Bulls shouldn't tailor their draft selection simply to how conveniently it will mesh with the Hinrich situaiton, it certainly doesn't hurt them to know that they will be able to move Hinrich should they draft Rose.  Having Rose and Hinrich on the roster likely means having a $40 million back-up and continuing not to have a low-post scorer.  With Hinrich apparently a commodity the Bulls can trade, they should be able to fill needs around the roster in addition to whoever the number one pick -- Rose or forward Michael Beasley -- turns out to be.

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