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Celtics Held Off - Series Tied

The Pistons got off to a great start and had us down by double digits for most of the game.  Every time the Celtics came back to within 5 or 6 the Pistons had an answer and pushed the lead back up.  They had us out of rhythm with their defense and the only thing keeping us in the game at times was our free throw shooting.

Pierce was off from the field (but on from the line).  Ray Allen was off (again).  Kevin Garnett was relatively quiet until late.  We just don't have a lot of hope when none of the big three are stepping up.  It doesn't help when Rondo has an off game and Sam Cassell is giving us nothing in reserve.  Just an all around disappointing game.

On the other side, McDyess was huge.  Somebody guard this guy.  Rip was Rip and Billups hit a huge 3 in the 4th that basically was the beginning of the end of the game.  They also got a huge effort out of Maxiel who got a huge block on a breakaway KG slam attempt and chipped in 14 points of his own.

At least you can't blame the refs for this loss.  The Celtics got 39 free throws to the Pistons' 26.

The Celtics had one of their best games in game 3 and the Pistons were still in it in the 4th.  The Pistons played one of their best games tonight and the Celtics were never far off the pace until the very end of the game.  These are just two very evenly match teams.  This almost seems destined to go 7 games.  The Celtics just can't make it easy on themselves this post season.

We're going back to Boston.  Series tied.  Best of 3.

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