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Lots of Accountability In Laker Locker Room

As taboo as it seems to be to give the Lakers any props in this space, it bears noting that the 'tudes in the LA clubhouse have been pretty impressive of late, particularly in the face of adversity.

This time around, it's Derek Fisher and Lamar Odom acting like true teammates in the aftermath of a rough loss in San Antonio on Sunday.

As reported by Bill Plaschke of the LA Times:

"I put this one on myself," Lamar Odom announces. "I take the blame, totally, for this game."

"There is no way I can play like that," he says. "I've got to play better than that."

"I don't sleep tonight," Odom says. "I keep the TV off. I don't read the newspaper. I get out to practice tomorrow and get my butt to the free-throw line."

Yet another writer crosses the room and explains the entire conversation to Derek Fisher.

For the first time in this dreary postgame closet, somebody chuckles.

"There is no way on this good green earth that Lamar Odom cost us that game," Fisher says, smiling. "But you know something? That is why we keep growing as a team. Because everybody in here makes themselves accountable. Nobody points fingers, everybody looks at themselves."

Again, credit these guys for carrying themselves as a team should.Read More..

Whether or not Fisher and Odom were simply paying lip service to the ideal of accountability remains to be seen.  But it's still refreshing to see a group of players anywhere in the league that consists of guys who enjoy playing with each other and consider it their responsibilities to pick up for each other when the going gets rough.

Odom's head being in the right place is integral to the Lakers' prospects for success.  Certainly sounds like they're in as good a shape as could be hoped for in light of a 2-for-11 performance.

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