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Rondo Is A Combo Guard

Ok, so I picked the one thing that seems odd about the charts that Tom Ziller put together on BallHype and made it my headline.  That was just to draw you in.  See, you are reading, so it worked.  Now, take a moment and bask in the warm glow of fancy charts and cool statistics that have nothing to do with John Hollinger.  The gist: combo guards are not all bad.  (Note: Rondo is listed as a combo guard only because he shoots a bit more often than some considered "pure" point guards.  Not a bad thing, according to this study.)   A sample:

But despite the veil over the value of the pass, we demand purity. Some of our best point guards (Parker, Billups) are not pure in any sense, but we shun the combo guard. On a league level, assists having nothing to do with offensive production, but we dismiss those who can't drop eight dimes a game. This is all very absurd, as four conference finalists are showing us right now. It must stop.

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