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Tour De Force Clay Bennett Disaster Continues

Apparently, possibly breaching the 'good faith' part of the contract signed when he bought the Seattle Sonics wasn't enough.  Clay Bennett needed to compound it by being something of a jerk regarding his own employees that weren't thrilled about being yanked out of Seattle to head to the great Midwest.

As reported by the Seattle Post-Intelligencer's Greg Johns:

Among the hundreds of thousands of words transcribed on 470 pages of depositions taken by lawyers for the upcoming trial between the city of Seattle and the Sonics' ownership group over the team's KeyArena lease, there are two Clay Bennett would surely love to take back.

Boo hoo.

In an e-mail to Oklahoma-based public relations consultant Brent Gooden after hearing some of the Sonics players were upset about the prospect of moving the franchise to Oklahoma City, Bennett responded by writing, "Boo hoo," according to a line of questioning by city of Seattle attorney Jeff Johnson.

What a guy.

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When it comes to Clay Bennett, the complete lack of accountability or concern for anybody outside himself has and continues to be simply staggering.

Viewed as the robber baron in the midst of stealing the team in the first place, Bennett hasn't done himself any favors with this new piece of his history.  It's sadly typical of pro sports for the fans to get the short end of the stick at this point.  It's just gravy to see Bennett also refusing to show any sympathy to those whom he is actually forcing to uproot their lives as they pack up for Oklahoma City.

Here's continuing to hold out hope for a miracle out west. 

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