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Daily Links 5/28

Herald   Celtics home in on goal     
Celtics must re-find road to success    
Get a grip, Celtics fans    
Feels like the good old days for P.J. Brown    
Celtics have big problem to solve    
Pivotal games pave way to Finals      
Lakers take command    
Celtics-Lakers would be magical     
Pistons get day of rest    
Can Jason Maxiell do it for the Pistons again?      
Globe    Rallying point       
After Game 4 loss, Pierce has message for teammates     
Series is really heating up

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MetroWest Daily    Megliola: C's can't afford another home loss      
Celtics need to take aggressive approach     
CelticsBlog   This series in a nutshell        
End nearing for BSB?   
Tee shirt jinx-off             
LOY's Place    It's the Celtics' turn   Milestone man      
True Hoop    That was a foul            
Red's Army     Positive outlook            
Detroit Bad Boys     Paul Pierce:  Game 5 is a must win      
Just in case more motivation was needed      
Detroit Free Press     With freshness in mind, Pistons opt not to practice on off day   
Reserves give Pistons the tools they need to go far        
Detroit News   Pistons have the edge now       
Five big game 5 questions     
Celtics need more out of Big Three      
Garnett has to take over for Celtics     
Game 5 tip-off     
Connecticut Post   What happened to the real Ray Allen?     
Jeremy Beales  The Celtics vs everyone else     
AHN   Rivers' son picks Indiana after bolting Georgetown     
Wicked Good Sports   Will the real Celtics stand up?      
Khandor's Sports Blog   8 possessions which extended the Pistons' season   
Parquet Pride   Celtics need to match the Pistons' intensity   Sentimental favorites in the playoffs      
Full Court Press    Lose the dress, keep the shoes:  A second Van Halen thinkpiece  Celtics have many concerns for game 5      
With Malice    Not what the Doctor ordered                  
Indy Cornrows    Pistons and Celtics heading for seven?      
NY Times    Celtics look for shots, and a sense of urgency        
Solid foundation vs quick renovation      
Washington Post    Still seeing Red       
Courtside View   Back in Waltham: Twenty-eight days later     
Shamrock Headband   The Coaching question   
BostonSportZ   The superstar and the legend part 2      
Leon Powe Fan Site   No Leon proves costly once again      
Metro   Mr. Intensity      
SouthCoast Today   Celtics back home facing another best of 3      
Eagle Tribune   Win or lose, nothing can tarnish magical season      
Hoopshype    Booze, not pot, the real problem      
Patriot Ledger    Tied playoff series suits Celtics         
Big game needed from Big Three    
Lowell Sun   Which team will be desperate?      
ProJo   Their split personality continues to hold the Celtics back    
Pierce: Boston must take firm grasp of opportunity     
NBC Sports   Coach wants Celtics to listen to... a Piston?   Where are Powe and House       
Human Victory Cigar     Transcripts of various practice day pressers       
Sportsology  101   Worst NBA coach?      
Fan House   Doc Rivers on Detroit's no layup rule     
MLive  McDyess leads Pistons in hunger for a title    
Boston's Big Three in danger of being big bust    
Ratliff delivering for Detroit       
Indeed, Indeed    The Pistons' prospects          
Publishers' Weekly    Bird, Johnson to write book     

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