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Game 5 Thoughts

The roller coaster continues. 

First Half:

  • We got off an early 7-0 run only to give up a 10-0 run later.
  • Story of the half has to be Kendrick Perkins.  12 pts. 13 reb. and one huge block.
  • Bad story of the half is the 10 ugly turnovers.
  • Too many open layups, open 3's, and open mid-range jumpers for Detroit.
  • Nice to see Ray Allen hit a couple of three pointers in transition.
  • Rondo isn't having a great game but still has 8 assists.
  • Sam Cassell,... (shakes head)
  • Nice dunk KG.

Glad we have the lead at the half, but we have to play better.

Third Quarter:

  • What else can I say?  Ray Allen!  Believe in the sleeve!

Fourth Quarter:

  • KG has been hitting crazy shots all game
  • Sadly, Sheed has been too.
  • Pistons refuse to go away.
  • Wow, we just barely held on to that one.  Thank you Ray Allen.

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