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The Celtics Won Game 5, Right?

I don’t spend a lot of time and energy defending blogging against the likes of Buzz Bissinger, Bob Costas, Sam Smith and everybody else because they’re right. I’m no W.C. Heinz. And more importantly I’m not a journalist. Hence I write without trying to hide my Celtics bias. As a result I frequently analyze the Celtics’ wins by what they did well, while searching for what they did poorly after losses. In reality the final score has a lot to do with the other team as well. However, this Detroit Pistons squad is, in the words of Walter Sobchak, a "Worthy f%#*in adversary." Be it in bounds plays that lead directly to scores, clutch shots or stretches of stifling defense the Pistons demand respect, even if they have a tendency to sleepwalk at times. I’d be lying if I pretended to be unimpressed with the way Detroit clawed back into game 5, on the road no less. Yet I’m a little surprised by all of the talk about how lucky the Celtics were to avoid defeat and the fact that it was not a championship caliber victory . And while people will continue to point to the Celtics blowing a 15-point fourth quarter lead, how about the fact that that Boston built that lead in the first place against one of the four best teams in the NBA? Yes I worry about Kevin Garnett’s over passing, the dearth of a consistent crunch time guy and foolish turnovers. I wonder where the reliable bench, consistent rotation and domination of the regular season went. But I still enjoy it when the Celtics go head-to-head with the Pistons, battle every step of the way and win the game. Because when it comes down to it, "You Play to Win the Game! Hello!"


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