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Around the NBA

- It looks like Doug Collins could end up in Chicago. My gut reaction, which admittedly means very little, is that's an awful idea. Head over to Blog a Bull to see what they're is saying. And trust me they're saying a lot.

- I have to admit the Lakers looked good closing out San Antonio. Real good. Solid crowd too. Man I hate them.

- The news that the NBA will fine players for flopping next season caught me completely off guard. Of course I immediately analyzed the current Celtics and considered who this could hurt. James Posey and Paul Pierce go down a lot but they usually take a hit. In the end I decided on Rajon Rondo. Meanwhile, who do you think will earn the first fine? That's a tough question. Although the smart money might be on a guy whose last name rhymes with Minobili.

- More importantly for the Celtics, Rip Hamilton is questionable for Game 6. At gunpoint I'd expect him to play. As a side note isn't "at gunpoint" and odd expression. I've never been at gunpoint. And I imagine most people who use the expression have not either. Furthermore, if I were at gunpoint do you think the person holding the gun would be asking my opinion on whether or not Rip Hamilton would play in game 6? And what's with the black box? Why not make the whole...Sorry about that.

- Is anybody else surprised that just over 1/3 of the guys taken in the first round of the 1995 NBA Draft played in the 2008 playoffs? On top of that some of them, such as Kevin Garnett and Rasheed Wallace, have prominent roles on their teams. Of course many of those guys are no longer in the Association. And that includes this guy:



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