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Detroit Fans Are Confident

You have to hand it to Detroit fans, they have taken on the personality of their team.  You can't blame them really.  We have certainly taken on the bi-polar personality of our team.  I have the utmost respect for Matt Watson and most of the other Pistons bloggers.  If I was in their shoes, I'd have the same attitude  From Detroit Bad Boys:

Believe me, there’s plenty of frustration and a tinge a regret for the missed opportunity, but really, nothing has changed: the Pistons are still alive, and they still need to win twice.

Yeah, they have a smaller margin of error, but that’s overrated; had they won last night and instead lost Game 6 at the Palace, Boston would have all the momentum, fans would be jumping off tall buildings and everyone would be ripping the Pistons for backing into a Game 7. Instead, playing in a Game 7 will be a feel-good story … and after watching the Celtics fall apart in the fourth quarter for two straight games, you know there will be a Game 7.

Boston has been wilting under pressure, and you have to believe they’ll crack in front of a frenzied Palace crowd. What, do you expect Doc Rivers to rescue them? Not a chance — he’s as big of a reason as any why the Celtics have already played 20 games in the playoffs.

As I noted after the game, there is plenty for us to be concerned about.  That means there's every reason in the world for the Pistons and their fans to be encouraged.

Honestly, do you feel comfortable with the way the team played down the stretch?  Are you at peace with the way the team has had to fight, scrape, and claw for every inch of these playoffs?  Would anyone be surprised at all if this game went to a game 7?  Not the Pistons fans.  Matt finishes his post like this:

After watching this team battle and claw their way back in the fourth, I can’t even fathom losing on Friday — not one bit.

Still, there's one little word that gives my heart (at least a little rest).  One word that puts a little hop in my step and gives me hope for tomorrow.  One word that makes it all better.


Like it or not Pistons fans, your team lost.  It doesn't matter how the last game finished because the score is 0-0 to start the next game.  We've seen the Celtics win in the Palace already.  It was an important game then too.  And a game after a supposed momentum shifting win by the Pistons.

If the Pistons think they can lean on experience to help them win, fine.  I'll just point out that their experience has only gotten them a 2-3 (fixed) record in Eastern Conference Finals and a 2-3 deficit in this one.

Maybe this team has had to fight for every inch they've crawled in this post season, but they are still moving forward.  All those games means a whole lot of experience of our own.  It feels like we've had a whole second season playing together, and that should count for something.

Bottom line, we only need one win to move on to the Finals.  They need two.  Let the Pistons and their fans be encouraged by a moral victory.  I'll be encouraged by a victory.

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