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Praise For Doc

docplansmall.jpgKelly Dwyer had some very complimentary words for Doc Rivers and his staff:

You can really tell that the Boston coaching staff had these guys ready to play. Plays were anticipated; picks were called out and steeled for seconds before the Pistons even got around to setting the damn things. Boston had Detroit's defense and offense sussed out from the absolute beginning.

And you know what? It almost didn't matter, because Detroit is that good. On the road, they still managed to make this a one-possession game in the final minutes, in spite of Boston doing just about everything right. God, what a game.

Also Chris Sheridan applauded Doc's choice of late game strategy:

Props to coach Doc Rivers, too, for having his team foul the Pistons twice in the final 15 seconds rather than let Detroit attempt a game-tying 3-pointer. If you ever want to get a lively debate among coaches going, ask them what the correct strategy is in that situation. Those who say you should foul are just as adamant as those who say you should not, but in this case, Rivers' strategy worked.

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