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Even If They Win

Bob Ryan has this to say:

And even if they win it, they will have soiled their résumé. They will enter a second-round series against the LeBrons without the comfort, satisfaction, and supreme feeling of accomplishment that come with winning a playoff game on the road. They will be reminded of this if/when they arrive in Cleveland for Game 3 and it will be way too big a deal. Just wait. You'll see. It will be an enormous issue and they will probably get annoyed at the story line, and that's too bad, because that is the price they will pay for creating unnecessary drama in a first-round series.

I'd say that's a pretty good balance.  I still do expect the team to win Sunday.  I even have a good deal of faith that they'll do well in the coming rounds.  But now there's going to be that lingering question hanging over the team that won't go away until they start putting teams away.

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