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Boston Celtics vs. Detroit Pistons: Open Game Thread - Game 6

In Boston's first match up with Detroit this season, way back in December, Rajon Rondo had an excellent first half. He even pulled out his patented fake pass for one of the first times all season, tricking Rasheed Wallace in the process. Unfortunately Wallace and company are no longer falling for that move. There's a reason Rondo is shooting 34% from the field in the Eastern Conference Finals. And it's not because he's clanking jumpers left and right. Hey I'm realistic. I'm not looking for him to connect on 49% of his shots as he did in the regular season, although it would be nice. At this point I'd settle for 44% (First Round) or even 42% (Eastern Conference Semi-Finals). If he were more of a threat in the paint it would open up passing lanes and get the C's some easy buckets.

Ultimately I just don't want to see another game 7, particularly with the Lakers hanging out in LA. Go Celtics. On and Rip Hamilton is going to play.



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