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Boston Celtics vs. Detroit Pistons: Game 6 Recap

At some point over the next couple of days I will sit down and start looking ahead to Celtics/Lakers. But even in the euphoria of the Celtics making it back to the NBA Finals I have to mention that Game 6 was a disappointment. I was elated to see Boston claw back from 10 down. And James Posey's steal late in the game from an unsuspecting Tayshaun Prince was epic. I'm happy enough to ignore KG and Paul Pierce trying to force a Game 7 from the line in the final minute. But when I think of Game 6 I'll always think of Bennett Salvatore. The 4th foul on KG was weak. And so were Rasheed Wallace's 4th and 5th. But beyond that it was a whistle fest for long stretches of the game. Eventually Doc Rivers, Flip Saunders and the players seemed to spend as much time complaining as they did coaching and playing. Hey the Celtics won 18 games last season. I'm ecstatic and to be honest not entirely able to comprehend the fact that they're now in the Finals. I just felt this one was bad for the NBA. I will celebrate in typical Green Bandwagon Fashion - Teddy Grahams and cake frosting. It's like a never ending supply of Dunkaroos. Awesome.



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