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Can We End Detroit?

Don't think I could put it any better than Mitch Albom of the Detroit Free Press:

But ask this tough question: What things have the Pistons "been known to do?"

Since winning the NBA title in 2004, they have been known to: 1) Steal playoff games. 2) Throw away playoff games. 3) Win strong on the road. 4) Lose ugly at home. 5) Go longer than needed against inferior teams. 6) Oust challengers in seven games. 7) Watch certain stars drift off the stage. 8) Stay cool. 9) Lose their cool. 10) Face elimination. 11) Say they like the pressure. And 12) Get eliminated anyhow.

Much has been made of the six straight trips to the Eastern Conference finals. And it is impressive. But if the Pistons bow out tonight or Sunday, they will have lost four of those six.

That’s nothing to hang your hat on.

But for three years, in their final round, the Pistons have had games like that and rationalizing like that. And they walk away saying, "We’re still the better team."

That mantra is over. If they’re the better team, they’ll win tonight. They’ll do it with mettle, guts and patience. And if they win tonight, you like them in a Game 7 against a team that hasn’t reached the NBA Finals in two decades.

But if they lose, they will have seen, for the third straight year, a franchise that was behind them surge past for a shot at the title. And there’s no reason to expect this cast and coach, left intact, would fare any better next time.

Honestly, nothing would make me happier than to put this team away tonight on their home court.  I'll take it any way I can get it, even if it takes game 7 and 4 overtimes.  But to finish them off now would be very sweet indeed.

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