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Daily Links 5/30

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Herald   Celtics seek sixth sense     
Celtics’ ’New Three’ must pass Finals     
Inside story: Celtics backed off late      
Doc Rivers gives critics a shot      
Kobe (39) spurs LA into Finals        
A long time coming        
Collins may rejoin Bulls     
Richard Hamilton crucial to Pistons’ plans     
Pistons’ Saunders talks excitement for Game 6      
Rasheed Wallace must stay in control  
Can Wallace cool the Sheed-nanigans?       
It could be curtains       
Despite winning, Celtics are missing something     
David Stern calls for fines for floppers     
Globe    Sixth sense   
We know this: They have advantage in the long run     
Good luck charm: Belichick lends support        
Hamilton's status tonight not known  

More Links After the Jump    

MetroWest Daily   Hoping for a restful Sunday       
C's hope to seal the deal     
LOY's Place   Game 6 random thoughts      
Perkisabeast   Post game interview with The Beast     
SouthCoast Today    Celtics need to treat game 6 like it's game 7     
Vancouver Sun    Celtics now see a Ray of light        
Connecticut Post   79 wins: Two seasons: Two learning cuCrves 
The Star    Celtics look to avoid another letdown     
Bleacher Report     NBA:  The new WWE?               
The Boston Celtics not as good as advertised       
Pistons look to save their season after dropping game 5 in Boston    
Cape Cod Times   Expect the Pistons to turn up the heat       
Enterprise   Weary Celts set to deep-six Pistons     
Unsportsmanlike Comment        Why and how Boston will lose game 6   
MLive   Pistons loss to Celtics could signal end of era      
Pistons hoping Wallace can keep his cool           
Bad news for Pistons:  Celtics' Allen waking up    Wallace fined for criticizing officials       
Canadian Press   Doc doesn't want to face the Pistons in a game 7  
HoopsAddict   Celtics diversify portfolio in game 5 win            
NY Times    Where in the world is Leon Powe?       
The Sports Beat    Game 5 featured deliverance of prodigal son     
Slam   Game notes:  Detroit at Boston game 5       
ProJo   Even in slump, Ray Allen kept faith in himself     
Boston is determined to wrap up Eastern finals in Detroit     
Black Star News   New Celtics far cry from old     
Yahoo Sports    Behind the box score where the C's followed Doc's finger     
Newsday    Celtics lack killer instinct     
USA Today     Banged up Detroit will need lots of fire to prolong series   
Detroit  News   Survival of the meanest      
Game 6 tip off     
Forget legacy, just win      
Detroit Free Press     Pistons need more than reputation now      
Sheed's technicals could hamper Pistons' title hopes     
R.I.P?  Without Hamilton, Pistons will be toast       
Pistons' announcer Mason vs Boston announcer     
Please... Rip is going to play       
Parquet Pride   Rasheed Wallace sure does have a point   
Courtside View   Celtics ready to rumble in ECF Game 6       
Shamrock Headband  And then there were three      
BostonSportZ   Ray, Perk, Paul, and KG talk game 6 
Leon Powe Fan Site   Hooray for Kendrick Perkins        
Worcester Telegram  Celtics want extra day off   

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