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Celtics Win!!!

Wow.  I can’t even concentrate.

Let’s see here, game recap. 

Only one place to start.  Down by 10 late in the game.  On the Pistons home court.  The Pistons are the ones with the reputation of playing well in the fourth quarter.  The Celtics were the ones that almost choked away the 4th in the previous game.  Kevin Garnett has been labeled a choker.  Everything looked about as bleak as it could get.  Pistons couldn’t ask for a better situation.  Then something happened.

Kevin Garnett stepped up and shoved it down his critics’ throats.

Paul Pierce stepped up and shoved it down the Pistons’ throats.

Nobody on the Pistons stepped up.  In fact, they all tensed up.

The Celtics defense also stepped up.  The trademark of the Celtics success put this game away when they needed it most.

Can’t win on the road?  Can’t put teams away?  Can’t beat experienced teams?  Can’t finish out close games?  No more.

We’re going to the NBA Finals.  We’re going to play against the L.A. Lakers.  Bring it on.


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