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Congratulations to the Boston Celtics for one of the greatest turnarounds in the history of sports. Now what? For starters someone sent me this post by Roland Lazenby 5 days ago and I didn't want to touch it unless Celtics/Lakers came to fruition. Of course the immediate reaction is to go dive right back into McHale/Rambis and everything else 80s. And that's cool. There's nothing wrong with embracing the storied history of these two franchises. However, I prefer to stick with the present and the not too distant past. Granted Boston's regular season sweep seems like light years ago, especially since Pau Gasol joined the Lakers. Yet the last time these two teams met gave us Lamar Odom, for lack of a better word, tackling Ray Allen. The same Ray Allen who is one of the few guys in the NBA that with the guts to call out Kobe Bryant. On top of that Paul Pierce returns to his home state and the arena where he earned his nickname.

2 things in closing:

1. I'm holding off on a Leon Powe inspired rant. But for the record he checked in, helped force a 24 second violation and then grabbed an offensive rebound shortly thereafter.

2. 1,000. That's the over/under for posts and stories about the old days of the Celtics/Lakers rivalry between now and Thursday.


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