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What Kind of Celtics Fan Are You?

Sometime after Boston avenged previous losses to the Phoenix Suns and New Orleans Hornets and definitely after the Texas Triangle sweep, I decided this Celtics team had to make it to the Finals to be a success. And now that they've made it I'd love for them to win it. But I'm just happy Boston is back in the Finals. That got me thinking. Is the "just happy to be here" point of view common amongst Celtics fans under the age of 30 who don't know any better? At what point were you old enough to appreciate the last time Boston was really a good team? Granted it may be a case by case basis. For example my dad is a Red Sox, Patriots fan. In that order. The Celtics are a passing interest for him. So I was raised on Red Sox teams and recall minutia about them long before the Celtics ever resonated with me. Yet I imagine there is some kind of cut off for most fans. If you really remember Bird, McHale, Parish and company tearing it up you're probably not satisfied with a Finals appearance. But if you're first memories are of the Big 3 breaking down and you were raised on M.L. Carr, Rick Pitino and 3-point barrages, like I was, a Finals appearance seems like the impossible.

Meanwhile, I'm embarrassed to admit that the playoff grind has worn me down and I'm taking this weekend to recover. I'll be back on Monday as the showdown with the Lakers looms. Until then enjoy...



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