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Soak It Up And Give It Up

As a team, you can't celebrate too much.  There's still a job to do.  The LA Lakers are a formidable opponent.  We're a long way away from raising banner number 17 and you have to take that attitude.

Not so for fans.  We live for this moment, right here, right now.  Soak it up.  Revel in it.  Drink it.  Enjoy it.

I'll be super focused on the task at hand in a few days, but for right now I have nothing but wonderful feelings for this team and what they've done.

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How about a hand for Paul Pierce, who has been a Celtic his whole career.  He's had his ups and downs and seen the best and worst of times here.  Now he's going to the Finals.

How about a hug for Kevin Garnett?  He poured out his heart for the Timberwolves for year after year, long after they deserved him.  Then he came here and turned night into day.  Now he's going to the Finals.

How about a high five for Ray Allen?  They said he was washed up.  Done.  Too old.  Slumping at the worst possible time.  He picked a real good time to get hot again.  Now he's going to the Finals.

How about a head nod to Doc Rivers?  (Come on; do it.  It won't kill you.)  Few coaches have been raked over the coals more than he has in the last few years.  I've been up and down on him, but always said that I would love to be proven wrong for doubting him.  Now he's going to the Finals.

How about a key to the city for Danny Ainge?  It wasn't always clear what he was doing, but he always had one goal in mind.  Not just to compete, but to compete for the title.  Now he's going to the Finals.

How about an attaboy to Rondo and Perkins?  The "other starters" who are still young enough to be excused for occasional mistakes but good enough to run with the big boys and make a difference in their own way.  Now they're going to the Finals.

How about an ML Carr towel wave for the bench?  Posey led the way with some fantastic defense and timely threes.  PJ Brown played the role of savvy vet with no fear.  Big Baby, Leon Powe, Eddie House, and even Sam Cassell (well, not much, but still) contributed when and where they could.  Now they are going to the Finals.

And last but not least, how about a pat on your own back and on the backs of all the Celtics fans around you.  You are some of the best fans around and you have been through a lot of heartache and headaches with this team.  Yet this moment is what makes it all worth it.  You, my friends, are going to the Finals too.

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