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Et Tu, Bill?

To: Bill Simmons

You're fired.  We no longer want you as the national mainstream media voice of Celtics fans as you clearly don't represent us.  

Everyone I've spoken to about your latest article is of the same mind and threads like this also define the outrage we feel about your latest "efforts."

Yesterday you became a giant turd in the punchbowl.  A buzzkill of tremendous proportions.  On the same day that the Celtics return to the finals for the first time in years, you declare that the Lakers are a lock to win it all.   Seriously?  What?  The Lakers?  My god man.  For your reference, comparing the stadium entertainment between LA and Boston is not an appropriate way to compare basketball teams.   But this "article" follows similar negative drivel, bashing one dimension of KG's game while ignoring everything else he does.  Or your repeated criticism of Doc, which is fair in some respects, but also neglects to credit everything Doc does bring to the table. 

Why do you hate this team Bill?  Why?  The consistent negativity you write with is reminiscent of a cranky Peter May.  That's what you've become man.  The original Boston Sports Guy, the voice you're trying to resuscitate in your little sick out with ESPN, would be just as disgusted and disappointed with you as us Celtics fans are.  

From here on out: Stop It. Just Stop.  We no longer want you talking about our team publicly.  You've lost all credibility with Celtics fans.  All of it.  Don't bother with some lame and dumb reverse jinx excuse to explain your writing.  And really, spare us the joyous article after we do win the title.  None of us want to hear about it from Showtime Simmons.   Enjoy rooting for Kobe, we hope you'll be happier sitting next to Diane Cannon, just don't tell us about it.

- Green17 
Beat LA! 

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