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Daily Links 5/31

Herald  Celtics finals destination is met, bring on the Lakers   
Doc Rivers: Best man for Boston    
Captain Paul Pierce stays course, reaches desired Celtics goal     
Scal gets back in picture      
Calhoun’s cancer return stuns Allen     
Lakers-Celtics? It’s fantastic     
No excuses, Pistons’ Chauncey Billups gives credit to Celtics     
Mahorn recalls rivalry     
Globe    Final blow    
A green dream    
No doubt about it now     
It's back to the future for the Celtics     
Nothing regular about new-look Lakers    
Saunders runs out of answers     
He posed a problem for Pistons in the end     
Pierce's wait is finally over     
It seemed to simply slip away     
Celtics celebration photos     
Five game 6 observations      
Flashback to 1987    
Celtics deliver knock out punch     
Finals destination 

More Links After the Jump    

MetroWest Daily   Celtics 89, Pistons 81: Bring on L.A.   Playoffs postups  live from Auburn Hills        
Back Where They Belong: Celtics Return To NBA Finals      
Pierce Steps Up Again, Leads Celtics To Finals      
Posey’s Steal Helps Seal Finals Deal       
Post game presser     
CelticsBlog    Six days of finals delirium      
Soak it up and give it up      
LOY's Place   The Boston Celtics are your Eastern Conference Champions   
Comments from the other side - Pistons game 6      
Celtics 17   It's kind of surreal - Celtics going to the Finals   Series live blog      
Celtics win, return to the finals     
ESPN    Celtics snatch series clinching win away from Pistons   
Lakers Celtics series page  (no one is picking the Celtics to win)    
Nothing can pre-empt the Lake show            
Pierce shoots Celtics to first Finals appearance since '87 
Full Court Press   Pinch me, Celtics advance to finals against Lakers  PJ Brown reflects on reaching the finals, getting payback on Pistons     
Hoopsworld  Beat LA:  Celtics back in NBA Finals        
Power Rankings - Lakers 1, Celtics 2             
ProJo   Billups shines for Detroit in losing effort   
Pierce leads Celtics to NBA Finals     
Allen, Hamilton square off in duel of former Huskies      
Pain fails to derail players       
Bucks Diary    Bryant has struggled mightily against the Celtics       
Jack's Blog  A (probably too) rational look at the NBA Finals  
Bleacher Report   Breaking down the depth charts         
Boston celebrates in Detroit after series clinching victory      
Lakers next victims are the Celtics     
Boston Garden's reborn      
Worcester Telegram   Bigger than a mere game      
Detroit Free Press   Out again:  Pistons fail to make it to Finals     
Final Meltdown:  Now what after game 6 disaster?      
Players and Saunders discuss the KG Wallace hug controversy     
Prince's domino effect      
Pistons done in by different kind of fatigue      
Pierce the hero,  Sheed the goat     
KG savors victory, looks forward to first finals      
Orlando Sentinel   Congratulations Doc Rivers     
LA Times   Dream NBA finals are green lighted     
First look:  Lakers vs Celtics     
Wall Street Journal  Band of financiers brings luck to Celtics    
Fox Sports   Sheed destroys Detroit's chances in decisive game 6  Winding road finally delivers Pierce to finals     
Pistons can't capitalize on Garnett's foul trouble     
Pistons eliminated in East Finals by Celtics   
Wallace laughs off banter with Garnett      
A Blog   Lakers and Celtics?  What is this 1987?    
Bright Cove   Leon Powe post game interview     
Perk post game interview             
Detroit News   Bench players do job   
Bitter end:  Pistons blow lead in 4th, lose series        
Pistons streak turns sour       
Wallace:  That's the end, man     
Hamilton downplays injury      
Washington Post    Celtics bring it home      
Dime   Celtics 89, Pistons 81:  Instant analysis     
Seattle PI   One old rival down, one to go     
NY Times   Celtics oust Pistons to return to NBA Finals      
Washington Times  Playoffs take a fall     
Portland Tribune   Calling foul on the NBA     
LA Daily News    Fans, league, TV already seeing potential green for these NBA finals  
SouthCoast Today   Celtics going forth thanks to fourth    
Enterprise   Beat LA:  Celtics knock out Pistons, head to finals  
Shamrock Headband   Finally satisfaction    
BostonSportZ    Celtics end 20 year finals drought     
TWolves Blog   KG cast Game 6        
Sports of Boston  Celts win!  Bring on LA!       
Leon Powe Fan Site   The rivalry is back   
Yahoo Sports   Rivalry renewed for Celtics and Lakers      
Red's Army   Just like very old times            

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