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Boston Celtics vs. Atlanta Hawks - Open Game Thread: Game 7

It occurred to me the other night that the Hawks play like a NCAA Cinderella team in Atlanta. And that's not an insult. The bench jumps around like wild, there is a ton of energy and they take down a higher ranked seed. On the flip side the Hawks have looked more like Penn against the UConn Huskies when the games have been played in Boston. It has has been surreal. And despite the outcome of the first 6 games in no way am I comfortable. For starters the Celtics usually don't look all that sharp on Sunday afternoon games - an ugly road win at Toronto (Ray Allen buzzer beater), the first loss of the year on the road against Orlando, that lackluster home win against the Cavs (minus LeBron), another loss at Orlando (Turkoglu's ridiculous 3) and a road win in Portland. In fact the victory over the Spurs at home is the only Sunday game that stands out to me in a good way. More importantly the Hawks are attacking the rim, getting the Celtics in foul trouble and dominating the free throw line as Boston chucks up jumpers. Let's hope the Celtics figure this one out.

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