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Life After Avery Starting Early In Dallas

Looks like the Mavs made a bit of a quick turnaround on the coaching front.

That said, it's certainly a curious one.

As reported by the New York Post:

Rick Carlisle won't be reunited with former boss Donnie Walsh with the Knicks.

Sources told The Post last night that the former Pacer and Piston coach, who interviewed with Walsh for the Knick coaching job Wednesday, has agreed to terms with the Mavericks to replace Avery Johnson.

On the plus side, this means Carlisle should be headed out of the broadcast booth.  That's probably best for ESPN's play-by-play men and the viewing public.

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On the more confusing side, word out of Dallas was that a big part of the reason Avery Johnson lost his job was because of the Little General's hunger for power and alleged Napoleonic complex.  Word about Carlisle is that he isn't quite the world's most renowned player's coach.  He wants the game played slowly, defensively and his way.  Here's wondering how that will mesh with the Mavs' high-priced veteran core.

That said, also worth remembering about Carlisle is that he also has a .571 career winning percentage and three 50-plus win seasons on his six-year coaching resume.  So the man has his cred, and perhaps a new voice could be just what is needed in Big D. 

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