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All Or Nothing - Game 7

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Round 1, Game 7
Sunday, May 4
1:00 PM ET
TD BankNorth Garden 
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Two weeks ago, if you were to tell a group of people that the Hawks were going to take Boston to Game 7, you’d have been laughed at. If you were to say that Atlanta would beat the Celtics three straight times in close road games, you’d have been called crazy. Yet here we are on May 4, 2008 – approaching the tip of Game 7. The unthinkable has occurred, and desperation time is upon us.

This is Game 7. The series, season, and hopes of reaching the ultimate goal is on the line. Reputations are on the line. Jobs are potentially on the line. The Celtics need to come out with a sense of urgency and play attack basketball on both ends of the floor. In doing so, the C’s also have to keep their composure and make sure they remain under control. This is where this team’s mental toughness will be tested to the fullest.

There aren’t any additional chances for redemption. It’s win or go home. Don’t let us down, green. 


Projected Starters

C Al Horford / Kendrick Perkins
PF Josh Smith / Kevin Garnett
SF Josh Childress / Paul Pierce
SG Joe Johnson / Ray Allen
PG Mike Bibby / Rajon Rondo


Key Matchup: All of Them

This is Game 7 – no let-downs. No exploitations. Each matchup is as important as the next one in this setting. The Celtics need to cut off Atlanta’s penetration, close out on shooters, rebound the ball, minimize their fast break production, and attack offensively. No more games. Get it done.


Celtics X-Factor: Sense of Urgency

Once again, this is Game 7. No more dilly-dallying. No more passive-aggressiveness. No more shying away. No more breaking rotations. No more lack of execution. It’s time to play Boston Celtics basketball and bring the sense of urgency necessary to win this game; the same sense of urgency Atlanta has been playing with at Phillips Arena. More importantly, they need to maintain that sense of urgency for 48 minutes. From Kevin Garnett to Rajon Rondo to P.J. Brown, everybody needs to play this game like it’s their last.


Injury Report
ATL – Marvin Williams (sore knee – doubtful)
ATL – Speedy Claxton (left knee – out for season)
BOS – Scot Pollard (torn tendon in left ankle – out for season)


Celtics Keys to the Game

  • "Run Your Stuff"
  • Ball Control, Execution
  • Defense
  • Contain Atlanta’s Offensive Glass
  • Keep Composure
  • Match/Exceed Atlanta’s Intensity
  • 48-Minute Energy

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