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Great, great defense in the first half. 

  • 26 first half points!  I think that's a record or something.
  • Perkins was the MVP of the first half.  He dominated on defense.
  • If it wasn't for Joe Johnson's shooting, the Hawks would be down in the teens.

3rd Quarter going just as well.  This one's pretty much over.

  • Every indication is that Marvin Williams is a good kid.  But that flagrant foul was horrible.
  • It also fired up this team to really put the hurt on.
  • Looks like KG got the last (clean) hit on Zaza.
  • Looks like the Celtics got the last laugh.

I'm not even going to break down the 4th, this is a laugher and I love it.

So if this trend holds true to form, we'll have every series go to 7 games and win the title.  I'll take that.  Thank goodness for home court advantage.

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